Progress so far:

Use cases: - login ( main code is done ) - create account (main code is done ) - register device ( only adding device, next add transducers)


wrapper.php - this class is a wrapper for sox command line tools and other functionaries, contains functions such as: authenticate users, create users, create node, and more...

DBAM.php- is responsible for connecting with openfire database and for querying openfire database.


custom_model.php - extension of CI model, that provides common functions for extensions

device_model.php - contains database functions such as: getDevices, addDevice,...

location_model.php - contains database functions such as getLocations, addLocation, getBuildings, getPlaces, ...

user_model.php- database functions related to users like: getUsers, addUser, deleteUser,...


main.php - this is main controller, currently most controller code is in this file, but in future will be divided in more controllers files


All this view files contains basic html form, used to test and help in programming of controllers as well models. This part i will not work much, since Jernej will handle the View (templates, css, html, php, javascript, ajax, images, ...)**