• Added new function "msg_add_property_to_transducerValue" to add the property variable in transducer value.


  • Added support to call a callback function when connection goes down (by default sox lib uses her internal callback function to print the cause of problem and exiting after). As service we want the maximum availability, so this external callback function will reconnect until reaches connection. (start_xmpp_client_with_close_handler)

DATARECODER Using dbclient example from Sensor Andrew Sox Tools: - Added support for variableId and inserting on database

  • Reconnect when XMPP connection drops

  • Created a Linux service (for gentoo in this case)

  • Added Socket Datagram communication, being possible to send commands to this services, (subscribe and unsubscribe). When this nodes are subscribed and they have variable ID they are recorded in Database.

Socket Message protocols:


NEXT - use configuration instead of passing arguments to process at startup


  • removed buildings and places ( less is more :-) )
  • added location for each sensor
  • added network connections in Google maps
  • added more options to chart configuration panel