Web application - create networks
- create sensors
- create actuators
- add members to a network
- call functions or commands in actuators
- define policies
- define rules
- define notifications
- browse networks and sensors in Google Maps
- Visualize data charts, in average or raw mode
- delete and unsubscibe XMPP nodes
- check event log
- export sensor data in multiple formats
- publish sensor data via HTTP POST
- see users in system (admin users)
- edit system configuration online (admin users)
- check services status (admin users)
- add images to network and sensor galleries
- add properties to sensors
- select chart type

sox_tools is a utility command line XMPP client built for interacting with an XMPP server. Most of its functions is related to PubSub protocol (XEP 0060). The tool help explain each option as shown.

Available options:

    --user          Select user from config

    listen          Listens for pubsub events
    commands            Listens for commands and call apropriate action in actuators
    publish         Publish to a pubsub node
    publish_cmd     Publish a command to a pubsub node
    last_item           Get last item from a pubsub node

    create          Creates a pubsub node
    subscribe           Subscribe to a pubsub node
    unsubscribe     Unsubscribe from a pubsub node
    add_member      Add a member to a pubsub node
    subscriptions       List pubsub subscriptions
    affiliations        Lists pubsub affiliations
    delete          Deletes a pubsub node

    create_user     Creates a XMPP user
    delete_user     Deletes a XMPP user

Screenshot of database