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Example of scenario:

Scenario: 1

Task: Request for sensor data for analysis

Persona: John

User Group: Students


John is a student at University of Madeira.


John is doing an work about air pollution, and for his work he needs to measure some pollution parameters from air. He heard from his colleagues, the university has some sensors, and they are working all time. He talked about this with another colleague, who was able to get the website address where he could get more information.

John opens his web-browser and types the website address.

When the loading of page completes, john clicked on Sensors list link, but the list has many sensors, he uses the advance search, to find air pollution sensors. After inserting the match criteria or type of sensors, he clicked on find button. The result was 5 sensors, and he looked in the result list about the state of sensor, and the data collection permissions.

John clicked in one particular result, then was displayed specific details about the sensor, ownership, contact details. He noticed a link called "subscribe sensor data", and he decided to click, then was prompted to an login page/registration page.

He decided to register, after the registration process, he reproduced the same steps of search, and clicked again on subscribe link. Was presented specific information in how he could get sensor data. He also noticed buttons called "download data from last month", "subscribe for a period of time", "get last sensor data" and "add to my sensors".

John clicked on "download data from last month", and selected output format as .csv, and opened the file on his computer. He observed sensor values and the data and time they were recorded. He also tried do the same action with another sensor, but when he clicked on "download data from last month" button, was shown a warning saying "no recorded data in the database for this sensor".

John then decided to request data for a period of 2 months, he also did the same thing for other 3 sensors. After 2 months, John received in his email the sensor data, with graphics of sensor data in the request period.