second problem, openfire did not create any SSL connection.

Solution: create openfire group, user and change ownership of openfire directory before installation

groupadd openfire
useradd -d /opt/openfire -g openfire openfire
chown -R openfire:openfire /opt/openfire
emerge net-im/openfire
  • testing sox comand line tools
genbox ~ # sox_authenticate -u admin@ -p admin -host -port 5223 -verbose

XMPP Server:
XMPP Server Port: 5223
XMPP PubSub Server: pubsub.
XMPP Server SSL Fingerprint: blah
username: admin@
Verbose: YES
  • testing Sensor-over-XMPP tools  (add publisher, subscriber, create node, publish to events...)


  • testing, using arduino sensor data in a  program to publish to an event. working =)