This module is responsible to request data and format them, for example displaying an form for user to fill, present graphic user sensor history data.


This module is responsible to catch all request (POST, GET and View calls), and resolve them, sending the results back.

Communication API

This module is responsible for communicating with XMPP server, for many proposes: user creation, permissions requests, node creation, and more.


This module is responsible to send query's to Data Base Access Handler (DBAH) module, and send information to View when is requested. DBAH is responsible for communication to databases.

Process Manager

This module consists in a process manager, that is responsible for the start and communication with process's. The data recorder is an example of one process, having the task of recording sensor data in data base.

  • defining how process manager works... ( check new requests on database, check┬áscheduler, creates process's)

  • i'm thinking about one process for each recording (the maximum process's possible is the total number of sensors)

  • for each rule, one process, and one thread for each producer node