I have set up a XMPP bot that connects to Facebook XMPP server, and monitors my friends login and logout operations.

For now i am only monitoring presence, but another's aspects could be easily derived and/or monitored :)

Chart values: - "1" means that the user has entered Facebook - "0" means that the user has logout

**Chart lines: - "\" lines means a user session, user logins and a time after the user logs out - "/" lines like this, means the user is entering Facebook after being logged out - "V" the formed V's represent the user login and logout history

Note: this post only contains data from 15:30pm to 3:08 am, from first monitoring attempt.

Data from 15:30pm to 3:08 am

Drilling-down (zooming)

Platform raw chart page

The platform im using to upload sensor data is sawa (related to sensors), no need to create databases, just upload data and then render chart :)